Our Vision

Promoting STEM education is a global trend, our company believe that helping schools implement STEM education can not only enhance student knowledge, but also become an educational practice. Through a one-stop school course, we provide a full range of learning experiences for primary and secondary school students, fostering a life-loving attitude, and everyone can enjoy the process of growing vegetables through hydroponic cultivation.


Traditional farming is subject to various constraints, for example rely on the farmers’ experience to judge the farming condition. In addition, crop harvests are limited by environmental factors. Also, in order to increase production, the farmers often use pesticides and chemical fertilizers which cause many organisms (especially insects) disappear, indirectly affecting the ecosystem.

Our Mission

The Intelligent Hydroponic Platform provides practical participation to students, they can experience the planting process and understand the importance of environmental protection. In addition, the platform contains STEM teaching elements, students can access biological, chemical, geographic and scientific knowledge, thus build up environmental awareness and learn how to treasure their life.

Farming Experience

Experience hydroponic cultivation
Understand agricultural process

Scientific Analysis

Try to have multiple perspectives
Understand the relationship between the environment and sustainable development

Internet of Things System

Understand the sensor’s principle of operation
Learn hardware control and wireless transmission

System Programming

Learn programming
Creative thinking, communication and collaboration

Our Solutions

The Intelligent Hydroponic Platform is a combination of hydroponic and scientific technology, including elements of science and technology teaching. The platform is equipped with various sensors for analyzing the environmental factors required for plant growth, then students can control various factors through different hardware to optimize the environment for plant.

Product Specifications
  • 4 floors planting area
  • Smart farming software system
  • Touchscreen Computer
  • LED planting lights
  • Environmental cooling system
  • Water cooling system
  • 3-in-1 sensor (luminosity, humidity, temperature)
  • pH sensor
  • EC/TDS sensor
  • Instant wireless control (Optional)
  • Network monitoring (Optional)
  • 4 Independent control layers which are suitable for different teaching plans
  • Provide a suitable environment for plants throughout the year
  • Smart device with independent sensors in each layer
  • Instant monitoring and data collections
  • Indoor placement avoiding climate impact
  • Let students participate personally and reflect what they have learned
  • Provide teaching and training support to enhance teaching outcomes


About us

Our company, Golden River Agritech Fertilizers Limited, consists of professionals from the agricultural and electronics sectors. The team consultants who have participated in the development of five patents, can provide professional R&D advice.

In 2017, we worked with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) to develop a smart farm system by combining traditional planting skills and the latest technology.

Contact Us

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